Amendments to Oregon Attorney General Model Public Contracting Rules Effective Now

Pursuant to Oregon law, the Oregon Attorney General’s office maintains a set of model public contracting rules. Those rules apply to local jurisdictions unless a jurisdiction opts out of some or all of the rules. Oregon law requires the Attorney General’s office to update the rules every two years. The Attorney General’s office proposed a variety of changes to the rules last year that became effective on January 1, 2012. You will find clean and redlined versions of the new rules here. Arguably the biggest changes are to division 48. Division 48 governs construction-related professional services (architects, engineers, surveyors) and related services. HB 3316, which we discussed in a previous blog entry, prompted the division 48 revisions.

We will be reviewing these changes in more detail in the coming weeks and will likely follow-up here with additional observations about the new rules. In addition, BEH will host a workshop for friends and clients in the early part of the new year and one of the topics we will discuss is HB 3316 and qualifications-based contracting at the local level. So stay tuned!