Core Values

The following five core values we incorporate as the ethos of our firm and guide us in the business decisions we make, in the clients we represent, the people in our practice and the service providers we work with:  Balance   Collaboration   Humor   Integrity   and   Trust.

Community Outreach

The BEH team and their family members spend a day of service each year in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.  In recent years we have repacked approximately 123,000 pounds of food at the Oregon Food Bank, sorted and sized new and used clothing for Project Lemonade (an organization in support of foster children), and removed invasive species and planted planted native trees and shrubs with Friends of Trees.

BEH also has a long history of charitable giving that encourages employee contributions through a matching program. In recent years BEH has donated to humanitarian, social justice, and environmental organizations including: Oregon Humane Society, St. Andrews Legal Clinic, Starkey Hearing Foundation, Smile Train, Nothing But Nets, Mercy Corps, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Peninsula Children's Learning Center and the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon HIV/AIDS Day Care Center.

Members of our firm consistently volunteer their own time to charitable organizations of their choosing, including the Red Cross, Business for Arts and Culture, and many others.

Animal Ambassadors

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without the help of our canine team. The founding partners, Pam and Paul have always enlisted their canines: three Irish Setters and an English Cocker Spaniel as integral parts of their practice. Their specialties range from calming tense clients and softening up litigation opponents to recycling office paper products. Their love of animals has extended to include an office full of animal lovers and ambassadors. Variously our pets are skilled professionals in ball chasing, desktop snoozing, sock stealing, lunch mooching, ambulance howling, and kiss giving. BEH is devoted to animal welfare and every year we select a local animal-related charity to support with donations and volunteer hours.


Work-Life Balance

BEH is committed to promoting work/life balance among its team of professionals. The firm recognizes that its team is its greatest resource in its ability to not only survive, but thrive. Our day-to-day office culture strives to accomplish a healthy work/life balance whereby not only the firm but its individual team members and their families benefit. Some of the programs we implement in support of this balance is no minimum billable hours, telecommuting, and flexible work schedules.

Team Events

It's not all work after all. Each year BEH organizes several events to encourage camaraderie and collegiality among our team members. Whether it's gathering in the conference room to watch the world cup finals or heading off-site for a strategic planning retreat or holiday party, we frequently find ways to relax and unwind together.